Welcome Neymar!

So it is now official. The much hyped brazilian wonderkid Neymar is a player of FC Barcelona with a bargain price of 57 million euros. Rumors of the player's transfer to Camp Nou have been going on for a long time and for most of that time I hoped it wasn't true. Why would Barca want another big ego to their team I thought? Wasn't the incident with Zlatan Ibrahimovic enough to prove that certain type of players, regardless of their talent just simply aren't capable of adapting to the team on or off the field.

Then I heard that Neymar had rejected Real Madrid's much bigger offer, because his dream was to play for Barca. And me, I seriously started to rethink everything about him. Seeing him at Camp Nou in his presentation confirmed that maybe I had been seriously wrong about him. Because he is not Zlatan. And Tito Vilanova is not Pep Guardiola. When I looked at Neymar on that field I saw a young boy who seemed to be actually delighted and excited to be there. All those things he said about being in the team to help Messi and the other players not to mention the little Catalan phrases maybe were yes slightly crafty, but also sweet and humble. Adjectives that have not popped into my mind when thinking of Neymar
before. He is young and with all the praise he's gotten it's no wonder his ego has grown a little and so maybe FC Barcelona is the perfect place for him. The club is known for not accepting any starlike behaviour and I think that that's exactly what the boy needs. I personally wish him all the best and I hope that he will reach those incredibly high expectations. Welcome Neymar!

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