From crazy to calm - Real Madrid announce Ancelotti as Mou's successor.

Carlo Ancelotti has officially been announced as Real Madrid's new manager. The club was able to make a deal with PSG to get the Italian coach. Ancelotti signed a contract that will keep him at Santiago Bernabeu for the next three years. His successor at PSG will be former France coach Laurent Blanc.

Real Madrid's fans and haters all seem to agree that Carlo Ancelotti is a great choice, which is a rare case. Everyone who's ever watched football seems to be fed up with predecessor Jose Mourinho, and for a reason if I may add. The clubs fans are tired because he hasn't manage to bring the success and glory to the team as hoped. Actually the Portuguese has seemed to have done quite the opposite. I mean I never though I would feel sorry for Pepe or Cristiano Ronaldo, but hey thanks to Mou that happened..

So the fans aren't satisfied with his merits for the past three years and everyone else is tired/annoyed/bored/ of watching him explain, whine, blame and then explain some more. Nothing is ever his fault, because he's the "Special one". It's really amazing that a grown man can spend so much time bitching about everything. Gosh I'm so happy I don't have to see him in La Liga anymore!

Anyway.. I doubt that I'll become a madridista any time soon, but I do believe that Carlo Ancelotti can make the team just that tiny bit more likable or at least not make them seem so annoying. The Italian is known for staying out of the spotlight and focusing more on, you know, the managing duties. And that is exactly what Real Madrid needs.

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