Barcelona: One week, 3 games.

In a week that I spent in the wonderful Barcelona I sure saw a lot of football, and what really is a better match than Barcelona and football?

On Saturday I went to see my first game at Camp Nou when FC Barcelona faced Levante. The game was super exciting and of course being there made it feel even more amazing. The sight of the beautiful stadium filled with people supporting the home team in their Blaugrana shirts and scarves, Xavi shooting a corner kick so close I could easily see him and the entire stadium singing Cant del Barca...  That's a night I'll never forget.

FC Barcelona won the game 1-0 with Cesc Fabregas' goal. Now the team needs only 6 points to claim the La Liga title. If Barca wins next weekend against Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid loses to Atletico Madrid, they could be crowned champions in only a couple of days.

The second game of the week was a visit to Mini Estadi to see Barcelona B's game against Real Murcia. It was the first time I saw the team play and I really hope it won't be the last. The team is very good and the game and the atmosphere were really amazing. Barcelona B is packed with future stars and of course it's no wonder since it's the team where Messi, Iniesta and Xavi just to name a few have played before their big break into the first team. Everybody played well, but Gerard Deulofeu, Sergi Roberto, Rafa Alcantara and Jean Marie Dongou caught my eye especially. It's such a shame that it's almost impossible to see the team play if you're not in Barcelona, because it definitely is a team worth seeing. But if you are in Barcelona I definitely recommend going to see them play. It's an extremely talented team, the ticket prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere is great.

The third and final game of the week was the shocking Champions League semifinal between Barca and Bayern Munich. I watched it in a very nice bar where everyone was as shocked as I was about the result. I mean of course I knew Bayern was going to be a very tough opponent but never in a million years would I have thought the game would turn out the way it did. Bayern was superior in all areas and Barca was a million miles from their usual selves. Lionel Messi clearly hadn't completely recovered from his hamstring injury, but I don't think that's enough to explain the team's horrible performance. I don't know what went wrong, but it's obvious that nothing they tried worked. Everyone in Bayern Munich played pretty much perfectly and it's difficult to come up with anything positive to say about Barca. My very favourite youngster Marc Bartra played full 90 minutes and I just think that it was too much too soon. Nothing in the game was specifically his fault, he wasn't any better or worse than anyone else, but it was, in my opinion, too much responsibility for a young player who's played only a few times in the team before. As his big fan I just hope that he would've gotten a better start to his first team career.

No matter how much I would like to believe that FC Barcelona could come back from a 0-4 loss I just can't. That's too much even for them. They already had their miracle against AC Milan and to pull that trick twice in one season is pretty much impossible, doing that twice in even a decade would be pretty special. This is football and sometimes even the best team has a bad night. Now they can focus on claiming the La Liga title and do better next season. Luckily Real Madrid got beaten up yesterday by another German team with almost as humiliating numbers. Borussia Dortmund crushed the away team 4-1 with the unstoppable Robert Lewandowski's scoring all(!) their goals. So Real's chances of getting to the final are almost as tiny as Barca's and of course that always cheers me up a little. I mean how horrible would it been if Mou got his 3rd Champions League victory? His smug grin would most likely make the whole world blind. That's something I really hope won't happen!

Of course the second legs are still left to play, but it sure looks like a German final to me. Winning Barca would give Bayern their 3rd place in the final in 4 years, so maybe it's time they finally win..

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