Confederations Cup 2013 - Nigeria vs Uruguay

Suarez' guide to football
Of all the games played so far in this year's Confederations Cup the match between Nigeria vs Uruguay was perhaps the least entertaining. I'm not exactly a fan of Uruguay's and seeing them win doesn't make me very happy. Especially since they always seem to win, because of some unfair coincidence (against Ghana in WC 2010) Most of the players are pretty horrible too..

I hate hate hate Luis Suarez, I have absolutely zero respect for him or his talent. The man can score, but
everything else he does on the field overshadows all of his playing abilities. He says that in England people hate him, because he's a foreigner, but let's face it people hate him because he's an asshole.

Edinson Cavani, at least in this tournament, has been completely useless. Looking at his scoring stats I suppose he does sometimes actually do something on the field, but whenever I'm watching him play in Napoli or Uruguay he just looks like one of those really overrated players with plenty of cash, but very little intrest in the game.

Maxi Pereira is a complete animal, and not in a good way. I seriously recommend a move from football to hockey or rugby for this dude.

In the game against Nigeria Uruguay scored two goals and injured two players and that is pretty much the saldo for the evening. Captain Diego Lugano scored the first goal from Diego Forlan's pass. About 20 minutes later John Obi Mikel scored a beautiful equalizer for Nigeria. Diego Forlan celebrated his 100th international cap with a goal in the beginning of the second half. The Nigerians weren't able to score another goal. Nigeria's two star players Nnamdi Oduamadi and Ahmed Musa were both cleverly injured thanks to Uruguay's tough love. I hope the duo will be able to play in the final game of the group stage. Although their game is against Spain, so maybe it's better if they stay injured :)

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