Confederations Cup 2013 - Brazil vs Mexico

1st half

The first half showed a Brazil that played in a very happy, energetic way. Brazil scored the first goal of the evening on the 4th minute, but it was quickly ruled an offside. 5 minutes later Neymar scored an actual goal. And oh how the home crowd cheered!

After half an hour David Luiz bumped his head into teammate Thiago Silva's head and got a nosebleed. That big injury seemed to really take it's toll on the defender and the rest of the first half Luiz spent mostly changing his shirt or the tissues in his nose. Thankfully he survived from the drastic injury with the help of 5 medics and support from fellow Premier League player Javier Chicharito.

On the first half Neymar really shone. The young talent played very well along Hulk and Marcelo. And if Neymar would have dived a little bit less I'm sure he would have had even more time to do his beautiful tricks.

2nd half

On the second half Brazil wasn't as energetic anymore and Mexico got the ball every once in a while too. In my opinion the real heros of the second half were goalkeepers Jesus Corona and Julio Cesar. Without them the numbers could have been much bigger for both of the teams.

Giovani dos Santos was once again the star of Mexico. Not just because of his talent, but because he really seemed to want to win and the same couldn't be said from most of his teammates. Hopefully some big club will be smart enough to buy him from his current team Mallorca. Without a transfer Dos Santos will spend the next season playing in the Segunda Division and that's just a waste of talent if you ask me.

On stoppage time Jo, who came in on the 80th minute as a substitute for Fred, scored his second goal in the tournament from Neymar's incredible preparatory work. With the 2-0 victory Brazil secured a spot on the semifinals.

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