Ballon d'or

Hello everybody! Only 3 days till the announcement of this year's Ballon d'or winner. There has been a lot of debate going on in the media about who truly deserves to win the prestigious award. Naturally as a Blaugrana girl I wish that either Messi or Iniesta wins it. However it's not just because I'm a Barca fan, but as a football fan I can't name one reason why Cristiano Ronaldo should win it. No offense to anyone, but in my opinion Messi outshines him in every department and while maybe a few years back comparing these to each other and debating about which one is the best made sense, but now, again in my opinion, I don't think that there is anything left to compare. Like many smart people have said Ronaldo is the best of the humans, but Messi is just simly on another level.

I love Andres Iniesta and a little part of me really hopes that he'd win the Ballon d'or, because he has been incredible for years and as a midfielder he has often been outshined by attacking players even though the midfielders are just as important and he is older than Messi so this might be the last chance for him to win the award. But still even if it would be nice to see Iniesta win, I think that Messi is the only person who truly deserves to win it. The man is simply astonishing and the way he plays and scores and behaves on and off the field is just breathtaking! So.. still a few days left until we find out who the winner is, but I have to say that I'd be shocked if it wasn't Mr. Lionel Andres Messi!

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