John Terry, Captain or a Crook?

UNfair play?
According to goal.com Chelsea's captain John Terry will soon be back on the field after a knee ligament injury. And that isn't making Chelsea's manager Rafael Benitez jump with glee. John Terry is known to be a very difficult player for managers. As the captain and Chelsea legend the fans love him, but as a player he is known to be very unpredictable and famous for stepping on managers' toes.

 I personally believe that John Terry is one of the reasons why the numerous managers have enjoyed such short visits at Stamford Bridge. I've always seen him as a bit of a bully. Sure he is a good player, but is he really that good? I mean so good that it's justified that he gets away with all the nasty things he does on and off the field. And there really have been MANY nasty things..
Terry might be many things, but everybody knows that gentleman isn't one of them.

Does Chelsea really benefit that much from him or is he there just because no one has the courage to show him the door? Owner Roman Abramovich's solution to every problem has always been sacking the coach, but what if for once, instead of firing another manager or buying a new superstar he would actually work on the issues inside the team. I would love to see what kind of team Chelsea could become if they would give the manager a little more time. Time to work on the team and the players they already have. And maybe even kiss the captain goodbye.
Chelsea clearly has all the players they need and now they could actually try to make them play together instead of just fighting over all the problems their enormous egos cause.

It's not a secret that Abramovich wants Josep Guardiola to coach the team, but why can't he pay attention to the one coach he already has? And I think it's crazy that he even wants Pep in the first place and it would be even crazier if Pep agreed, since as a great manager Guardiola wants and needs time to fulfill his plans and dreams in a new team. And time is the one thing Abramovich doesn't have to give... Maybe if Chelsea really wants to become a team that others can respect and fear they have to try something new and I don't mean a new player or a new coach, but a new attitude and possibly even a new captain.

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