The Special One Not So Special Anymore?

One of the many smug faces of mr Mourinho.
Lately there have been lots of rumors about Jose Mourinho's relationship with the players of Real Madrid. And despite everyone denying issues in the locker room I think it's hard to believe that all those rumors came out of nowhere. And of course the fact that the Blancos have played so incredible poorly tells that something is very much wrong inside the team.

I think that this is kind of funny, because before Mourinho was always known to have really good relationships with his players. For example Zlatan Ibrahimovic praised Mourinho several times in his autobiography and many others of his former players are still in contact with him.

I have never liked Jose Mourinho. I think he's arrogant, egoistic and paranoid. I have also never believed in his way of coaching. Sure he has succeeded well, but the way he always just focuses on the result instead of what the playing looks like is not very admiring. I mean seriously, two Champions League wins and the guy owns the freakin' world.

Right now I'm just so curious to find out what the heck is going on at Santiago Bernabeu. Mourinho came there and somehow messed up the entire team. What did he do? Iker Casillas, a real legend, the captain and a goalkeeper who is so amazing that even as a Barca fan I can't help, but admire him. Now he's on the bench, why? Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso and even Cristiano Ronaldo hates him and the list goes on. The team is so messed up that they basically lose as often as they win. They played tie with Osasuna who is the third last team in the league. This is the team that won the league last year.

Of course a part of me is quite happy to see the team suffer, since I can't stand basically anyone in the team besides Casillas and Alonso. But the bigger part of me just wants to know what has happened. And I can't help but be a little hopeful that "The Special One" would go and take his specialness somewhere else. But that's just me...

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