The Return of the Barca Legend

On Wednesday evening news broke that FC Barcelona's former manager Josep Guardiola would start coaching Bayern Munich next season. The news were highly anticipated since during his one year sabbatical in New York rumours have spread constantly on his next destination.
The contracts with Bayern Munich were signed as early as December which is funny since only this week Pep told that he would want to coach in England. I bet Roman Abramovich was pretty disappointed since he has probably most eagerly tried to get Guardiola to coach Chelsea. And Chelsea certainly wasn't the only team that wanted him. At least according to rumors AC Milan, PSG and Manchester City just to name few were all desperate to get him.

I think that choosing Bayern Munich was a very smart move from Josep. He has stated that he wants a good team with good players and a good youth academy and most of all he wants and needs time to make his visions come to life. Of course only time will tell how it'll actually go, but it's hard for me to believe that for example a team like Chelsea would've been a good team for him. Bayern Munich is willing to give him time, trust and freedom to do what he wants and I think that it's a very good starting point for a new job. It will be interesting to see how well Pep will live up to the great expectations. Before he signed the contracts with Bayern he was able to choose from basically any team and I hope that that situation won't turn against him. I wish all luck to Pep, but of course I hope that he won't make Bayern outshine Barca!

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