FC Barcelona - Espanyol 4 - 0

Barca started their year with a victory at Camp Nou.
Yesterday FC Barcelona started their new year with a catalan derby at Camp Nou. The 4-0 victory against their fellow catalan team, Espanyol showed a strong Barca that was able to pretty much win the game before even the first half had ended. They played effectively and confidently and the little Espanyol really never stood a chance. Xavi scored the first goal on the 10th minute, then a little over 5 minutes later Pedro scored the second one. About 10 minutes later Pedro scored another goal and the numbers were already 3-0. 2 minutes later FC Barcelona got a penalty, that I must say even as a Barca fan was a wrong call. Or at least Fabregas fell quite easily, which in my opinion pretty stupid considering that they already had a 3-0 lead and really didn't need a penalty. But anyway, Lionel Messi scored the penalty in and the game was 4-0. After that goal the last 15 minutes of the first half were quite boring. Barca didn't really make an effort anymore yet Espanyol still couldn't get the ball.

The second half was slightly more exciting and actually there were at least three more goals (2 for Barca and 1 for Espanyol), but the judge chose to rule them all offsides. Pedro scored Barca's 2 offsides trying very hard to get a real 3rd goal and a hat trick. But there were no more official goals and there fore the game ended 4-0.

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