Go Milan!

Kevin Prince Boateng got tired of racism
A couple of days ago AC Milan did something that everybody has been waiting for, an actual stand against racism. Racism has been a problem in football for years and although there have been all sorts of campaigns etc to end racism I feel like no one has actually done anything. First of all "the better player you are the more you can get away with"-attitude has proven that despite all the nice things the football federations have said if a moment comes when they need to choose between a star player and fighting against racism they choose the player. And in my opinion that has to change if they really want to end racism.

Italy's Serie A is known to be vary racist, possibly the most racist league in the top leagues in Europe. And that's why it's even more incredible that the powerful statement was made in Italy. Even though walking off the field could be seen as childish behaviour I believe that concrete actions is exactly what the football world needs to make if they truly want to stop racism. Usually I'm not a fan of this team, but this time I have to say GO MILAN!

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