And the Winner is...

4 time's a charm?
The winner of the prestigious Ballon d'or award was as anticipated Lionel Messi. Messi is the first football player to win 4 consecutive Ballons d'or. Cristiano Ronaldo came in second and Andres Iniesta was third. In my opinion Andres Iniesta should've been second since I think that as a striker Cristiano Ronaldo is too much behind Messi. But the most important thing is that Messi won!

 It's interesting to see how many more Ballons d'or can Messi win. He is only 25 years old and already won 4 and hopefully still has many, many years left in football. If that is possible for a human being I don't see any reason why he wouldn't keep improving even more.

Someone's not all that happy for Messi...
Iniesta had to settle for a third place.
 The other big award was coach of the year and that went to Vicente del Bosque, who definitely deserved it. The man is incredible! He's one of the few people I love despite a career at Santiago Bernabeu. And of course his amazing success in the national team is the biggest reason why I love him so much. Not anyone can win both the world cup and the euro cup in row not to mention everything he has won outside La Furia Roja. Another best coach candidate Jose Mourinho was a no show in the gala. He's official statement was that he wanted to stay in Madrid to prepare for the clash against Celta Vigo on Wednesday, but tons of rumors have spread about the real reason he didn't attend. The biggest rumors I've heard are that he didn't think he or his players would win anything in Zurich. He also didn't want to travel with players like Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas since things have been quite tense lately in the Real Madrid's dressing room.

The third candidate for the Coach of the year-award was the wonderful Josep Guardiola, who announced his plans of returning to football next season. The award of the best female player went to Abby Walbach. This is the first time in years that some other than Marta has won it.

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