The Captain of the Bench

With the arrival of Diego Lopez to Real Madrid I can't help but wonder what is going to happen to Casillas. And it's probably not just me who's wondering. The whole world and probably even Casillas himself are thinking about that. What happened between Mourinho and Casillas that was so terrible that he put the best goalkeeper in the world to the bench? Any team would be happy to have him. With his talent, calmness and polite behavior it's hard to believe that the man is a Blancos player in the first place. And now he's not even allowed to play anymore.

I think it's interesting to see what Casillas will do. Now he's injured and can't play for 12 weeks, but after that, if Lopez is still the no 1 goalkeeper will Casillas just settle for his unfair treatment at the club or will he go somewhere else?

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