...And so history was made. VISCA EL BARCA!!

We did it! Oh yes we did it! They said that it would require, maybe not a miracle, but at least a perfect team to rise from such a difficult situation. And tonight's Barcelona was exactly that. I can't name even one player who wasn't great.

So, I put on my Blaugrana gear. I probably looked like a Blaugrana christmas tree with my necklace, t-shirt, scarf and this little Barca tassle my brother made me. But most importantly I felt like a Blaugrana at heart. As my favourite team I always love them, but tonight I truly felt my team's need of support.

FC Barcelona started the game with energy and confidence. On the 5th minute Lionel Messi scored the first goal. AC Milan was shocked and the night seemed promising. Barca was on top of the game the first half, even though the second goal had to be waited until the 40th minute.

On the second half Milan got a few more chances, but Barcelona was still the better team. On the 55th minute David Villa scored 3-0. Now FC Barcelona was already winning. But with the Champions League rules only 1 goal from Milan would've been enough for the Italians to qualify. And I have to say that those last 15 minutes were preettyy nerve racking. Luckily Milan was unable to score and on the first minute of the additional time Jordi Alba sealed the 4-0 victory.

So we're now one of the qualifying teams! Barca was brilliant and it gave me belief that the few bad games they've had lately were just that, a few bad games. There are many things that make this victory so unique, but for me the most important thing was probably that I really believed in it. I believed with all my heart that Barca would win and they did. I feel so proud to be able to call myself their fan! What a beautiful night to be a Barca fan! VISCA EL BARCA!!!!!! <3 <3

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