Waiting for history to be made..

This is it, blaugranes! Tonight is the night to make history or go home. I'm a firm believer of the first option. Will it be difficult? Yes, there's no question about that. But is it possible? Yes!

 FC Barcelona has ruled Europe for years, but so far they've never had such a golden opportunity to show everyone just how amazing they are. This season, especially after Tito Vilanova's cancer relapsed, the team has suffered from a certain lack of hunger. And maybe it required a situation this difficult to get that hunger back. Tonight the whole world will be watching what happens. And now it's time for Barca to make a historic comeback.

This exact day 16 years ago FC Barcelona played against Atletico Madrid in the quarter-final of Copa del Rey. The first game in Madrid had ended 2-2.

Atletico Madrid started the game strongly and after the first 45 minutes the numbers on the scoreboard were 0-3.

During halftime the then manager Bobby Robson told his players: “Look at the jerseys you have on and the shield you carry.” 
A simple phrase, yet still so effective. 3 goals from Ronaldo and 1 from Figo and Pizzi and the game was won. Even more importantly history was made.

If Barca was able to make a comeback from a 0-3 in 45 minutes, why wouldn't they be able to bounce back from a 0-2 defeat in 90 minutes. I think that if the team truly wants to win they will do so. But they'll need strength, belief, support and maybe just a little bit of good fortune. I am a proud Blaugrana and I believe in it! Tonight will be our night! Visca el Barca!!

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