Champions League Results

So now the first 4 teams have qualified to the next round of Champions League. Borussia Dortmund beat Shakhtar Donetsk 3-0 at home after playing 2-2 in the first leg in Ukraine. Juventus sealed their progress in a 2-0 victory in Turin after already winning the Scots impressively 3-0 at Celtic Park. PSG will also qualify after winning 2-1 in Valencia in the first leg and playing 1-1 yesterday in Paris.

Despite all the exciting games this week's most talked about match of was definitely Manchester United vs Real Madrid. There was already a lot to talk about before the game. Two of the biggest clubs in the world facing each other, Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Old Trafford and Manchester United's veteran manager Sir Alex Ferguson vs Jose Mourinho, who's been rumored to take Ferguson's place when he finally retires. Even before the game everyone was talking about it and while the game may have ended the debate still continues.

The first leg ended 1-1 in Madrid, so despite ManU's tiny advantage everything was still very much open for both teams. In my opinion the game was immediately more entertaining then the first leg. It was clear that both teams wanted to win and understood that every minute was important if they wanted to qualify. Both teams were good, but Manchester United seemed overall stronger. On the 48th minute Sergio Ramos scored an own goal. ManU had a 1-0 lead at home, everything seemed to go according to plan, until something very controversial happened. Nani was trying to get the ball and he raised his leg quite high and just so it happened Real Madrid's defender Alvaro Arbeloa tried to fight for the ball and Nani's leg hit him in the stomach. A red card. The Turkish judge Cuneyt Cakir didn't hesitate to make a decision that has been under constant debate from the moment he lifted the card. That moment changed the game and two minutes later Luka Modric scored an equalizer. Three minutes after that Cristiano Ronaldo scored another goal and it was 2-1. During ten minutes the game changed completely and it was ManU's turn to chase. They needed two goals to qualify and despite their best efforts even one proved to be difficult to score and so Manchester United are eliminated while Real Madrid will continue their journey in this year's Champions League.

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