Pep Talk - What's caused these nasty revelations?

When former Barca manager Josep Guardiola chose to leave the club fans all around the world were
sad but supportive over his decision. Even when the manager chose to take on a new project at Bayern Munich most fans wished him luck and respected his decision. Everything seemed to be going well. Fans still adored the coach who had brought them so much joy during his four-year spell at Camp Nou. But then something happened.

Recently Guardiola has started to say things about FC Barcelona, nasty things. And of course nasty things get a nasty response, this time in the form of his former assistant coach and good friend Tito Vilanova telling that Guardiola wasn't there for him during his cancer treatment, despite being in the same city. Of course it didn't exactly make things more friendly when Pep lured Barca talent Thiago Alcantara into his new team. So, who's telling the truth here? And what has caused these nasty revelations and bad blood between FC Barcelona and their former hero? Is this just the beginning of those nasty mind games that seem to be an inevitable part of the game these days or is this something bigger, something more personal? 

Bayern Munich will be a huge competitor for FC Barcelona next season. Bayern played an incredible season last year and crushed Barca in the CL semifinals. Bayern will of course want to continue their amazing success, but Barca won't go down without a fight. Big games are ahead for these two teams and so it would be ridiculous to expect that Barca and Pep could just stay friends. In the end everybody cares the most about their own team and their success and that's normal. 
But I do hope that Barcelona and Guardiola can work things out off the field. I love Pep, he is a wonderful coach who's brought me so much joy during his spell at the club and I wish him all the best with his new team. And I love the club even more, needless to say. Let's just forget the bad things and remember all the good, shall we.

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