Confederations Cup 2013 FINAL - Spain vs Brazil Preview

So this is it. The night that ends this spectacular two-week tournament. The night that will end with a winner - and a loser. So who will be the winner? Reigning World Cup and Euro Cup winner Spain? The team that hasn't lost a game in three years?

Or will it be Brazil? The host with the support of the screaming home audience? There has been plenty of controversy about this tournament in Brazil, but there is no question whether the locals want their team to win. And if one wants to be calculating could he say that winning tonight could make the locals forget the problems and therefore have a better attitude towards next year's actual World Cup...

Spain has a team full of winners. Experienced professionals that know what it takes to win an important game and have done so on several occasions now. But..after winning the World Cup and Euro Cup twice will they have enough hunger, enough motivation to give their all tonight? They also had one less they to rest and played an extremely long and exhausting battle against Italy. A battle that lasted two hours + the penalties.. Has the team rested enough to play on their best level tonight?

Then there's Brazil. A younger team perhaps.. Full of players that haven't really won anything yet. Hungry to show the home audience what their capable of. Hungry to show the European top clubs that they should play millions and millions for their services. Hungry to prove the coach that they should be chosen for the squad for next year. But is the team too young, too excited, too hungry? Is the pressure too high? Will they be able to put aside their dreams of personal accomplishments to give out their all for the team..

Only thing sure is that one of these too magnificent teams will go home with gold tonight. My, possibly biased, opinion is that the winner will be Spain. Because I hope so, but also because I think that they have proven so many times already their capability to bring their a-game when they need it the most. But whoever the winner is I don't think it will be easy..
Now, however, it's time to pop the corns and open the tele, cause it is GAME TIME!

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