Confederations Cup 2013 FINAL - Brazil vs Spain

It was not what I had expected. It was not what me, the press, the team or even the opponents had expected.  It was a disaster. Brazil kicked Spain's ass. And I mean really kicked Spain's ass.

It seemed like just a mistake, a repairable mistake. Brazil's first goal I mean. It came out of nowhere, before the game had really even begun. Fred scored the first goal after only two minutes played. But it didn't seem like a big deal. They can - and will - come back from this I thought. But they didn't. And the saddest thing is that they didn't really even try.

In the final minutes of the opening half an equalizer was very close. But close is not close enough. And then it was Brazil's second goal right after and that just made it that much more difficult.
Ever the optimist I still though that they could rise from this. But then Fred scored their third goal on the second minute of the second half and then it just seemed lost. Or maybe it wasn't then... Maybe it was when Sergio Ramos missed the penalty. That could've been the moment. If it wasn't either one of those two it had to be the moment when Gerard Pique got a red card. No matter how much you believed in their skills, no matter how many Disney movies you had seen, the game was lost. Ten players three goals behind. A comeback would've been difficult even for a team that actually wanted to win, not to mention a team that didn't even seem to care.

So now it is time to think how big of a deal the game was for the team. Was it just one game? A bad night? Because that happens. Brazil did have the advantage with the home audience and the extra rest day. A loss is just a loss, even the best has to lose at some point. If it was just this game I wouldn't worry. But this game already happened a few months ago. Bayern Munchen vs FC Barcelona. 7-0 aggregate, does that ring a bell? So what, it is a different team one might thought, but it really isn't. Spanish national team is Barca with yes a few changes, but most of the key players are the same. Next year they will most likely at some point face Germany, the team that's basically Bayern Munchen. Will the numbers be as excruciating then? I hope not.

What's in the past is in the past and that game is something that will soon be forgotten too. And only time will tell if this was just a bad game or the end of an era. I'm sure that many people would love to see that, I however am not one of them and I hope that whatever problems the team has or may have they can solve them quickly and effectively before the World Cup, which everyone knows is the real deal.

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