Neymar Fever

For a long time the super talented Neymar has been linked with pretty much every big team in Europe. One of those teams has been FC Barcelona. I can't understand why. I mean, yes he is very good, even great at best, but in my opinion totally unsuitable for Barca. A young, very hyped player, who already thinks he is the best player in the world. I think that he sounds a looot more like Real Madrid or Chelsea's player than Barca's.

FC Barcelona has an amazing team that's based not only on individual talent but also the ability of playing for and with others. So, what happens if a 21-year-old mini superstar with a worryingly fast growing ego walks into the dressing room of a players known for their humility and lack of starlike behaviour?

I fear that if Barca bought Neymar, it would turn out to be the Zlatan catastrophe all over again. Zlatan, just like Neymar is a very good player, who at his best can quite literally drag his team to great success. A leader on and off the field and it might work in the national team or PSG, but it was not right for Barca just like it wasn't right for Zlatan.

I think that it would be much smarter to buy a couple of less famous, talented players that are more willing to play for the team than Neymar. But maybe I'm wrong and he will be the smartest purchase Barca has ever made and bring the Catalans to an even higher level, who knows..

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