And Barca Takes the Blame

Yesterday Real Madrid lost to Granada. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the only goal of the evening...behind Real's new goalkeeper Diego Lopez. Jose Mourinho, as always, was disappointed and unwilling to take the blame. So according to him who's fault was it? FC Barcelona's. How? This time the explanation was that the Blancos were so tired from their game against the Catalans on Wednesday that they didn't have the energy to play as well as they should've. Apparently Barca was favored, because they got one more day to rest. And apparently this was some kind of proof of the existence of the "conspiracy" against Real Madrid. In my opinion this was another proof of the lunacy of Mr. Mourinho.

A few days back a rumor occurred that Lionel Messi had waited over an hour in the parking lot at Santiago Bernabeu after the El Clasico just to insult Alvaro Arbeloa. It was also rumored that he had called Real Madrid's assistant Aitor Karanka "Mourinho's puppet" and spat at the Madrid bench. This rumor is insane on so many levels. First of all this would be completely uncharacteristic behavior from Messi, who basically never loses his temper. Also who would wait an hour and a half in the parking lot just to insult some 20 cm taller, completely irrelevant player after a game that's result benefitted the Catalans much more than the home team. Not to mention that why would Messi give a damn about some freaking assistant coach of Real. Oh my god, this rumor is so crazy that I can't understand who would be crazy enough to come up with something like this! Only one name comes to mind...

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