FC Barcelona - Atletico Madrid

Hi everybody! All of you who've followed Barca this season
The "flea" and the "tiger" will face each other today
must have noticed their amazing form. Of course Barca has been great for years, but this season they have been even more spectacular than usual. Today however is the game that will show how good they really are as they play against their biggest La Liga rival this season, Atletico Madrid. Today's game will be very important to both of the teams, although even more so to Atletico who are desperate to get the whole 3 points at Camp Nou.

I have to say that it's nice to see for once that Atletico is doing so well. In my opinion Atletico Madrid has been one of the biggest underachievers in Europe for years. They've had such good players for many seasons and still they haven't been able to really succeed. Of course they've played really well in Europe League, but somehow the Champion's League has been too big of a challenge for them. Maybe next season it'll be Atletico's time to shine in the league of the champions.

Tonight we will see two teams that are both playing one of the best seasons in their histories. FC Barcelona gets the advantage of playing at home in front of their home audience. They have Lionel Messi, who has just broken Gerd Mueller's record and is playing possibly his best season so far and who will definitely want to score even more. And Messi is not the only player who's been great this season. Barca's 43 points in La Liga show how amazing the whole team is this season.

Atletico Madrid is in a great form this season as well. They placed 5th in La Liga last season and now they are second after almost half of the season. Manager Diego Simeone clearly knows what he's doing and even though Atletico doesn't have Messi they do have Radamel Falcao who is not playing a terrible  season himself. Last weekend mr Falcao scored 5 goals against Deportivo. And the one big advantage that Atletico has is that they simply need the victory more than Barca. Of course Barca wants to win, but to Atletico those are vital 3 points that they really really need in order to compete for the 1st place in La Liga. Tonight we will see what happens...

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